Graham deserved farewell he received

To the Editor:

I not with interest Mr. Thomas Shoup’s March 3 article to the editor about Billy Graham. I would like to question several statements made. You said, “There isn’t anything religious about the US Constitution, it is a godless document.” I believe you need to check your history and its development a little more. I think most of the early inhabitants of our country came from Europe to avoid religious persecution. They made sure that the early documents reflected religious liberty and the first century of our country practiced state and church living together peacefully. Now days we are losing our religious connections and the country is going to ____ (you fill in the blank).

Also, you questioned Billy lying in state in honor of serving our country. I believe if we had more Billy Graham’s and people practicing what he taught, our country would be much safer and a much more enjoyable place to live. If most followed Godly principles like Billy preached, we would have less violence and other problems. He had done wonders to try and help us. I think Billy Graham served our country well, as well as other countries, and should be honored. I wonder: What could they honor you for when you are gone?

— Ralph E. Garber