Lovett a sincere candidate

To the Editor:

We have known George Lovett for many years, being neighbors and clients of Lovett Law Office. We have found George to be a sincere businessman and family man. As a lawyer and small business owner, he has helped numerous people in our community with employment. I think we all know we need a representative who will get things done in an expedient manner in Columbus.

We can all use lower taxes, for which George will work in Columbus. Also as a pro-life candidate, we would be proud to have him represent our community. And we feel both parties can use a little clean-up and oversight.

George is an active member of our church and has been active in community organizations for the good of the community.

I hope our experiences and knowledge of Mr. Lovett will make a difference in your personal preference for state representative.

— Dennis and Pat McNulty

Tipp City