Former teacher recommends Ham

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Michael Ham’s candidacy for the Troy City Schools Board of Education.

I first met Michael as a student in one of my math classes at Troy Junior High School. I was instantly impressed by his friendliness and “can do” attitude. As the year progressed, I became more aware of his character and his sense of values. Michael was never one to be satisfied with “almost” understanding a process or procedure. He asked questions and worked until he had mastered the skill. This level of perseverance served him well throughout high school and college.

I believe that Michael has the skills necessary to be an asset to the Troy Board of Education. He will bring a youthful perspective to the table and will strive to understand all aspects of a given situation before determining his position on the matter. He will respectfully discuss differences of opinion with the other board members but will never hesitate to voice his opinion.

My regret is that I live in Tipp City and cannot vote for Michael Ham. I highly encourage Troy voters to cast your ballot for this fine young man.

— Nancy Starcher

Tipp City