Powell not right for job

To the Editor:

As we began to see ads, Facebook events for “Meet the Candidate,” and a volunteer — or even a candidate — might knock on our door to talk to us about why we should vote for them. the more I saw regarding each candidate, the more I began to research, and the more concerned I got regarding one candidate in particular.

On May 8, Jena Powell will not be getting my vote. Jena has already flip-flopped her stance on abortion and excused this action by saying it was her first time running for office and she didn’t know how to answer. Jena works with an organization that charges students to learn how to run for office- Forge Leadership Network- and is one of the people teaching this group. She has no experience in public schools, and has already accepted money from Columbus. These are not qualifications we need in a candidate.

Before voting, I ask that you research the candidates and look beyond the hype. At the forums, Jena has shown no depth on the topics. I want a representative with real-life experience, one who knows how to get things done. Not someone who uses a family fortune to market the words they know we want to hear.

I ask you to look beyond the signs and money and vote for someone with real-life experience. We can’t afford to send a 24 year old, who hasn’t experienced the “real world” to Columbus. We need someone who knows how to stand up for our district. Please join me in saying “No Thanks!” to Jena Powell.

— Rachael Martin