O’Brien dedicated to serving county

To the Editor:

I have known John W. “Bud” O’Brien for more years then I care to remember. There are few people I’ve met in my life who are more dedicated to serving the citizens of Miami County.

Bud is a tireless worker and is always working towards the betterment of our lives both as our county commissioner and in his role as Chairman of the local Republican Party.

As commissioner he has balanced budgets, improved services and found ways to make county government work more efficiently. I know he will do the same representing us in Columbus.

During my 30 years working with Bud I’ve never questioned his commitment, motivation or his integrity.

His life is not all about politics though. Bud is loving husband to Kim and father to three children.

Join me on May 8 in the Republican primary in casting your vote for the only person qualified to represent us in Columbus, John W. “Bud” O’Brien.

— Judy Weaver