O’Brien will keep his promises

To the Editor:

The election for the Republican primary for State Representative in the 80th District has become increasingly competitive as the primaries grow near.

As a resident in this district, I find that the negativity against some of the candidates has been disappointing. Especially the negativity aimed at candidate Bud O’Brien. I have known candidate O’Brien for several years at this point. He has been an outstanding political mentor and has been someone I have come to respect immensely.

He is an honest conservative and one that I can align myself with. What he issues stands for, such as the 2nd amendment, pro-life, and locally controlled schools are ones that I hold near and dear. He is an honest, hard-working family man who I know I can count on when he represents me as a public official.

Bud O’Brien is someone I can trust and value having as a reference on my resume, especially as I applied to law schools. In conclusion, I know that Candidate O’Brien is an honest public servant who will keep his promises to his constitutes when he is in Columbus.

— Abby Brinkman