Lovett has passion for people

This letter is to bring information to other Miami County residents regarding Ohio House candidate George Lovett. His law firm had been a B2B partner/client of Courtyard University of Dayton since 2007. I worked closely with his office and Mr. Lovett directly on many seminars. Mr. Lovett and all his associates demonstrated professionalism, and integrity in our business engagements.

A few years later, around 2012, we were still B2B colleagues, and my son had been diagnosed with a mental disorder. It was at this time I realized how horribly underfunded our mental health system is. And we continue to see more cuts. I had been attending some NAMI meetings in Troy, which were also combined with Darke County due to funding cuts. At my NAMI meeting, they offered us vote signage for our yards. I placed a sign in my yard and my mom’s front yard. I was learning quickly about the Ohio funding being cut, and that some counties in Ohio have been consolidated with other counties, making resources limited to those who need it most.

Since I had placed a mental health awareness “Vote for Issue XYZ” sign in my mother’s front yard, Mr. Lovett happened to be driving by, and stopped to say thank you to the resident of this signage out front. When George Lovett learned about my son’s condition, and that he was about to lose all his medical due to turning 26 years of age, and not having SSI, George Lovett was quick to offer suggestions of options I could explore to get my son assistance. The efforts proved to be successful months later, when I was able to secure medical help and stablize my son. This incident actually changed his life. It changed mine, too! I do not know where we would be today if George Lovett had not taken five minutes of his personal time to say thank you to a total stranger for playing a mental health “Vote Yes” issue sign in their yard.

I think it would be worthy to mention why George Lovett would make a great house representative for each of us. He has a passion for each person in our community. He has more legislature and law experience than the other candidates combined. Another issue that affects everyone now is the opioid epidemic. We have an unusual situation like never before, and we will need an unusual approach.

George Lovett is seriously committed to ending the opioid epidemic. He has my vote, and I am pleased to say I know beyond a doubt George Lovett will keep his word, and follow through with each issue he stands for!

— Karen Younce

Tipp City