Fellow commissioner supports O’Brien for state rep

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of John “Bud” O’Brien for Ohio House of Representatives in the 80th House District. Having served with Bud the last 15 years, eight as a county commissioner, I have seen the experience and knowledge he has acquired in working with the citizens of Miami County. He has firsthand knowledge of what the 80th district needs and what it takes to get the job done.

As county commissioner he has seen what the governor and state legislature has done to all local governments and, in particular, how this governor has restricted or eliminated programs that have been efficiently run at the local level. O’Brien has tirelessly worked to try and get these issues resolved and, as a state legislator, will continue to work for all of us because he knows what needs to be changed. His work with the Job and Family Service agency gives needed insight into what programs work and which ones need changed. The same is true of the Department of Development grant pgroams, infrastructure needs, as well as law enforcement and 911 programs.

O’Brien is fiscally conservative and is why Miami County is as financially strong and allows Miami County to have the lowest sales tax rate of any of our contiguous counties. O’Brien is strongly pro-life and a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights.

No other candidate has the knowledge or experience that John O’Brien has demonstrated in serving all the citizens of Miami County. If we are to be properly represented, we need John O’Brien as our next state representative.

Please vote for John O’Brien — the only truly qualified candidate — on May 8.

— Jack Evans

Miami County Commissioner