O’Brien is problem solver, clear thinker

To the Editor:

On May 8, voters in Miami County and parts of southern Darke County, will be voting in the election to select a new state representative for the 80th District of the Ohio House of Representatives.

I wish to express my support for John W. “Bud” O’Brien for state representative. The people who reside in the 80th District have had a great tradition of sending people who were solidly in line with their Southern Ohio values. The people are clear on how they want their representatives in Columbus to vote and to represent them. I believe Bud continues on in this tradition.

Bud is currently one of our county commissioners and was county recorder before that. This gives him the experience that is needed to represent us in Columbus. In my time as a member of Tipp City Council, as its president and now as mayor, I have found Bud to be attentive, helpful and always ready to listen to whatever issues I have brought to him. He has been a big supporter of Tipp City, Miami County, and our local schools. He listens and is steady and reasonable in his approach to all issues. He has the experience to know how to get the job done, but is “outsider” enough to be firm and stand up for us here in Miami County when he needs to.

He is a solid conservative with a proven record of fiscal restraint. He is solid on taxes and is also pro-Second Amendment. I have worked with him in many capacities and have always found him to be a good problem-solver, clear thinking, and overall someone you can deal with. I believe he has served Miami County well, and has always kept the citizens in mind.

Early voting is going on right now at the board of elections at the old courthouse building in Troy. Be sure to vote then, or on May 8 at your local precinct. But, whichever date you pick to cast your vote, I invite everyone reading this who will be voting in the 80th District to vote for Bud O’Brien for state representative. He will continue to serve us well.

— Joseph E. Gibson

Tipp City