Please support Troy’s treasure

Letter to the Editor:

One of the true gems in our vibrant downtown is the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center. As someone who grew up in Troy, the Hayner has always been a part of my life, as I participated in several art classes, and have continued to enjoy the house into my adulthood with its unique exhibits, exciting performing arts shows, indoor movies, and of course the summer indoor and outdoor concert series! In addition to the cultural side of the home, I imagine, like me, many a Trojan has also celebrated a reception or two here or even attended a meeting in this beautiful facility.

I treasure that today my children are able to enjoy the same rich cultural heritage and are learning to love our town’s history and roots with each visit to the Hayner. It seems that many of us take for granted that the Hayner will always continue to be there for our children. This is why it is absolutely critical that we rally around the Hayner and be in support of Issue 11 that is on the ballot during this election! The renewal of the tax levy that appears on the ballot as a Troy City School District levy will provide over 80% of the funds needed to keep Troy-Hayner Cultural Center open and operating as a viable part of our community.

Please join me in voting yes on Nov. 3 for this important levy, because It’s Your House … for all of us to enjoy for many generations to come!

— Stephanie M. Silk