Ham supported for BOE seat

Letter to the Editor:

I submit this letter in support of Michael L. Ham, candidate for election to the Troy Board of Education on November 3rd. I have come to know Mr. Ham over the past several years, personally and professionally while he interned with the City of Troy and I served as the City of Troy water plant superintendent. I am impressed with Mr. Ham’s ability to both remember names and personal details of those he meets.

Mr. Ham is a graduate of Troy High School, and has earned his bachelor’s degree from Wright State University—significant achievements which demonstrate his dedication to education, tenacity in achieving goals, and will power in the face of personal obstacles some would consider insurmountable.

During high school, Mr. Ham was an active member of the school debate club, consistently proving his ability and willingness to listen to varying perspectives of an argument. He has continued to hone this skill, and displays a clarity of thought and judgement well advanced of his age. His service to the citizens of Troy has progressed from intern to employee with the city, active member of the Troy Optimist Club, and an ever present involvement in civic activities hosted within the city.

I urge voters to cast a ballot Nov. 3rd for Michael L. Ham, Troy Board of Education, ensuring a most worthwhile continuation of his skills, abilities and judgement in service to the citizens of Troy, and the students and educators of the Troy City Schools.

— Tim Ray