Ohio ready for some fresh faces

To the Editor:

With 24-year-old Jena Powell winning the 80th house district with 49.5 percent of the vote in a very tumultuous four-way race and 30-year-old Susan Manchester squeezing out a narrow win in the 84th house district with just 36.7 percent of the vote in a competitive three-way race, one thing has become clear. Ohio is ready to replace the stale-aired establishment in Columbus with fresh and new faces, but will this trend of the younger generation entering into public service continue?

We will see this rise of the younger generation throwing their hat into the ring this November when Jena Powell, Susan Manchester, Niraj Antani and others face their Democratic rivals in November for seats in the Ohio House of Representatives, and when the current Ohio Representative of the 80th house district, Stephen Huffman, faces his young Democratic challenger, Paul Bradley, for an open seat in the 5th District of the Ohio Senate.

Austin Lucous

West Milton