Take action to protect kids

To the Editor:

May 21, 2018 — a few days after the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, amid more calls for greater gun controls and finger-pointing at Washington, D.C. lawmakers’ seeming lack of action. Also blamed is the NRA, school officials, the Second Amendment and law enforcement in America. This weekend showed it doesn’t take assault weapons to inflict multiple deaths on our children.

It seems like everyone wants someone else to do something to protect children — theirs, yours and mine — from the one (expletive) who has no respect for human life, especially while these innocents are in school. But what are YOU willing to do? I think we’d know what to do if we were storing gold bars in each school and needed to protect them. We’d set up fences, limit access points inside, post guards and have experienced response teams nearby if needed. The ideal plan would stop any unwanted person from getting in our schools. Think Fort Knox. Aren’t our children worth it?

I think if we rely only on the (expletive) in Washington, D.C. to do this, it’ll never happen — they’ll say it costs too much — but we do this sort of thing at Fort Knox. American pioneers figured out a way to cross the Mississippi, the Great Plains and the Rockies and I think that if Americans as well as parents were asked to figure how to protect our children and not pass the buck to someone else, we could. I’d be willing to contribute my time to patrol around the school in my neighborhood. I’d ask my boss to pay me for the few hours each week that I would be on “patrol.” Actually, I’m getting ready to retire and would offer my time to do just that.

Employers around the country would have to pony up to pay for however many employees would do this. Retired people and stay-at-home parents should help. See, there’s a way, but who is willing to work it out? Neighborhood/Community Watch programs around the country are working. It looks to me like no one, including parents, is fed up enough to make a commitment. And why aren’t they? Isn’t the life of one child worth as much to their parents as the gold in Fort Knox? This needs support with action, not just lip service.

I suppose that I’m just tired of all this talk and really, no one has done one damn thing to make a real difference … yet. Am I wrong?

— Joe Goldyn