When is enough enough?

To the Editor:

When is enough enough?

We are already paying $20 tax per license plate and now the county wants to add another $5! Keep in mind that Commissioner Jack Evans stated at a past Meet the Candidates night that he proposed the current $10 county fee and he had no intentions of ever rescinding it. Obviously, once they’re tacked on, we’re stuck with them forever.

These fees are bad enough on auto/truck licenses but are totally ridiculous on trailer licenses. Thanks to the state classifying even small utility trailers as “motorized vehicles”, these taxes also apply to them. I am currently paying a 125% tax on my small trailer. Another $5 would take it to 156 percent: $25 in taxes on a $16 license plate!

In the past I have communicated with all appropriate state legislators about this unfair trailer classification and got either no response or they stated they had no intentions of addressing the issue. One even had an aide call me to discuss an issue she had no idea what she was talking about. Again, once they do anything, we’re stuck with it forever.

Enough is enough! We do not need another $5 tacked on to our license plates!

— Dennis Becker