Kudos for writing about fan behavior

To the Editor:

Kudos to Josh Brown for writing about bad fan behavior.

Unfortunately it has become too difficult for some adults to watch youth sports without interjecting themselves into the game by questioning officials and coaches in a way that is embarrassing to the child that’s playing. In two separate games this past year, I have heard young players say “I just wish my Dad would stop yelling things at the refs and the coaches.” Do we think those kids are having a positive experience by playing in that game?

Just in Miami County, we have had a high school football coach attacked by a parent who was unhappy about playing time, and a high school basketball coach subjected to countless emails from parents who think they know how to coach. The boorish behavior by some fans absolutely needs to be called out because in the end, it only hurts the players who are actually playing the game.

I have been a high school and college official in basketball, football and track for the last 10 years, and fan behavior toward coaches and officials has gotten worse each year. Hopefully the young person who was umpiring will stay with the game, but his experience should be a wake up call for people to change their behavior.

— Rich Fisher