Retired library director responds to column

To the Editor:

I am James Miley, retired director of the Troy Miami County Public Library from 1983-2008. I am writing in reference to a column by Patrick Hansford that appeared in the July 12 Troy Daily News.

Mr. Hansford’s column contains an egregious factual error. In his column, Mr. Hansford states that the library’s solar collectors were damaged when a library employee turned the system off over the holidays, allowing it to freeze and self-destruct. As library director at the time of the failure of the solar collectors, this is emphatically not true.

The failure of the solar collectors was the result of design shortcoming that left the system unable to tolerate temperatures that plunged lower than -15 degrees. A primary design shortcoming that contributed to the system failure was using water in the collectors and not using glycol, an anti-freeze.

The failure of the library’s solar collectors was expensive and disruptive, but most emphatically not the result of any action by a library employee.


— James Miley