Reader doesn’t understand school’s stance

To the Editor:

I do not understand why it is important to feed and protect the delusion of one confused student at the expense of the rights of hundreds of other students grounded in reality.

If I firmly believed I was Napoleon, it would not be unreasonable for me to still be protected and valued as a human being. However, it would be unreasonable to expect everyone to help me invade Russia in order to feed my delusion.

The same holds true for the very confused female student trying to invade the boy’s bathroom at Troy High School. Why can’t everyone admit the obvious? Your body’s plumbing determines your sex! Opinion is irrelevant in view of the evidence!

Remember the fairy tale where one kid asking “Why is the Emperor naked?” forces the Emperor and the crowd to deal with reality? Where is that kid when you need him? Did the PC police arrest him and take him away?

Let’s look at this rationally. The student in question is female, regardless of what she believes she is or how she “self-identifies.” She lacks the plumbing to use a urinal, so there is no physical disadvantage to keeping her out of the boy’s room. She can use the nurse’s bathroom (as opposed to expecting hundreds of boys to use it in order to convenience her) or continue to use the girl’s bathroom, using a closed stall for privacy as presumably she always has … unless exhibitionism is another psychological ailment that afflicts this student.

What lesson are we teaching this child and others if we permit this nonsense? Who has taught our youth that one’s individual desire trump the rights of hundreds of others? What kind of civics lesson is that? How selfish! What kind of parents want to pass that lesson on to their child?

It is possible to have compassion for a troubled youth without completely caving in to her and ignoring and trampling on the rights of others.

I know. I know. I lack enlightenment and sensitivity. But I do know when the Emperor is naked.

— Ronald Sherrill