Cheers to Beamish for taking stand

To the Editor:

I would like to thank you, Mayor Beamish, for your comment at the Aug. 17, council meeting regarding your concern over alcohol being served at Troy festival events. Seems the need to serve alcohol began when Hobart had non-school hockey games; hockey = beer; serve beer, keep hockey in Troy … well, not so.

One by one “family-friendly” events have added a beer tent; there are 11 bars in downtown Troy, so no one is denied alcohol if that is what they came for. Lots of information regarding The Effects of Alcohol on the Family can be found on the computer regarding physiological, psychological, and behavioral problems.

We see a church downtown is being repurposed for a brewery and bar. Is anyone objecting? When another church was needed to further serve abused people in Troy, then it suddenly became useful as a church to preserve history. Hum.

Last Friday, at the opening game of the Troy High School football season, a group behind us in the stands called to everyone leaving at half-time, “Bring me back a beer.” How long will it be until that is possible? It is in the future of Troy as things go now.

Mayor Beamish, thank you again for taking a stand. Don’t give up fight for Troy to take close look at the path it is on. I and others stand with you. Troy, dare to be different keeping family events family centered.

— Sue Shannon