Schools are one of most important investments

To the Editor:

When in the process of relocating to the Dayton area 36 years ago, we researched the area prior to our move. When we visited Tipp City, we found the location was perfect, the school system was highly acclaimed, and the value for our housing budget went further than other surrounding areas. When we decided to make Tipp City our home we did not have any children, but we knew there was a correlation between strong schools and home values. We wanted to live in Tipp City for many reasons, and years later we are still happy with that decision.

Fast forward, we have a son, a Tipp graduate, who went away to college and to begin his career. He recently decided to return to Tipp City with his family. This is a testament of the type of community where young people want to return to the area, buy their first house, and establish roots.

Schools are part of the community. We currently do not have anyone in school, we are both retired and we feel strongly about supporting schools. In November, Tipp City Schools has placed a permanent improvement levy on the ballot asking voters for approval. We did our research so we would understand how the funds are used for our district: improving safe environments for our children and staff, providing transportation for our students, classroom technology, and renovating and repairing aging schools. The much-needed improvements of air conditioning and energy efficient windows at the Middle School were part of Permanent Improvement projects. Issue 3 is to approve the continuous renewal of Permanent Improvement fund resulting in zero new taxes.

People have investments such as annuities and 401K’s to protect and provide for their future well-being. We see supporting Tipp Schools as another “investment” to protect our home value. The strength of Tipp City Schools and our community provides the resources necessary for our most important “investment” — our children and their families.

— Karen and Dave Weber

Tipp City