Voters need to invest in Tipp schools

To the Editor:

Having lived in Tipp City as a child and being able to come back and own a business, Scratch Bakery, in this wonderful town is a true dream. When I decided a few years back to pursue my passion of sugar, I put my education degree on hold. My love for education and children continues. I know firsthand that without community support our schools will suffer, creating a downward spiral not only in our schools but in our community too.

As a Tipp City resident and business owner it is important to me to invest in education and to give students what they need to thrive and succeed. Whether that be modern technology for the classrooms, building repairs, or new buses for transportation, we are preparing our youth to be the leaders of tomorrow. Our schools need continued community support.

Please join me in voting for Tipp City Schools Permanent Improvement Levy on Nov. 6.

— Justin Livingston

Owner, Scratch Bakery

Tipp City