Property owners have roadway concerns

Property owners from numbers 102 through 186 Riverside Drive want to take a public stance regarding what we continue to believe is a serious safety concern for all citizens and ourselves regarding planned street improvements in front of our homes.

Despite the city of Troy’s efforts to persuade us otherwise with studies and one-on-one visits we are not convinced that this plan best serves the community.

After all, we live here; several citizens for more than 30 years, most over 10 years. We know who uses a current bike path on the east side of the street (Troy Cemetery): joggers, walkers, in-line skaters, families who bring children in strollers or on bikes with training wheels, and serious bikers.

We also know that excessive motor speed is an unmonitored issue, especially during rush hours, late at night, and surrounding sporting events at Duke Park. Most of us have had to replace our mailboxes due to collisions with them.

The studies performed do not adequately reveal these items. In the proposal, the bike path, now renamed a “recreational trail” will be moved to the west side of the roadway, where it will be widened to 8 feet intersect with 12 driveways within approximately 1,400 feet of roadway.

In the current situation, a user crosses the roadway twice, but encounters no driveways. Combined with a likely scenario of even more speed because of the enhanced roadway, we believe a lethal situation is a real probability.

This is not a typical suburban situation. In voicing our concerns to the city, we were told by the engineering staff that we need to learn to drive more carefully in using our driveways. Must we conclude that we also need in advance to educate our service people, extended families, visitors and delivery drivers to do the same to avoid accidents?

Property owners have presented at least three viable alternative win-win proposals to the city during the course of this project. They appear to have been ignored. Might there be a lot more to this plan’s long term goals than the city is willing to share?

On Sept. 27, Patrick Titterington, Safety Service Director, presented the city of Troy’s plan to move forward with Phase II of these street improvements on Riverside drive from the north edge of Troy City Park to the south entrance to Duke Park to the Miami County Commissioners.

— Kevin and Patty Adkins, Robert Barnette and Mary Jane Harrod, Mike and Ann Bond, Kathy Halderman, Mary Jane Harrod, Don and Marian Hetzler, Dan and Carole Kerber, Mike LeCase, Al and Steve Mader and Mark and Lita Williams