Reader disagrees with addition

To the Editor:

I would like to compliment the city of Troy on the addition of a bike path on Adams Street by the Troy Junior High School.

With the addition of a double yellow line on Adams Street from Foss Way to Staunton Road this will certainly improve traffic flow. What it will do is cause the citizens that live in the Sherwood neighborhood that would like to drop there children off at the junior high to now drive down South Market, past the high school and then turn right at the light on Staunton Road again taking them by the high school and then a right at the stop sign on Adams Street so that they can legally enter the junior high school.

Not to mention that the school buses can now only turn Right when leaving the junior high onto Adams street to avoid crossing the double yellow line. That should work out well.

Then, should we have an event at Hobart Arena, since we are down to one lane on South bound Adams Street, I’m sure that there won’t be a back up at the stop sign.

Sorry to be critical, I just had hoped we would plan things a little better as we move forward.

— Dave Voisard