To the editor,

We are eighth grade students at Tippecanoe Middle School. Several renovations happened over the summer which has been a major improvement. The air conditioning was a great advancement for making this school the best it can be. The clocks are now digital, which helps students be on time.

The new windows help make the school look more modern, and brings natural sunlight into the classrooms. This makes a more positive learning environment. The gym improvements have helped students get more excited about school activities that take place there. The gym floor was resurfaced, the walls have been decorated with very Tipp-spirited posters, and the new mats provide safety and look amazing. One other thing that has made our building safer is the new doors and emergency alert system.

Last year the choir room was so hot. Even though it was 60 degrees outside, it felt like 90 degrees in that room. We love choir, but sitting in the sweltering heat was awful. Like all the rooms, the choir room is a nice temperature to learn and sing in.

The areas with old carpets have been replaced which helps eliminate tripping. There are so many awesome improvements in the school. Now we have a better learning environment that makes students excited to learn. Thank you for making Tippecanoe Middle School an awesome place to learn.

— Leda Anderson, Amaya Lipps, Amelia Bennett Adeline Billups

To the Editor,

We would like to emphasize some positive differences at Tippecanoe Middle School between this year compared to last year. This school has undergone some astounding changes over the summer.

The biggest and best of the renovations is the brand new air conditioning! The facility is now fairly breezy, versus sweltering hot. To add on to that, the new windows are great as well. While we are on the topic, we have to mention the wonderful new emergency system that was recently installed, which does an impeccable job keeping us safe from intruders, fires, and anything else that may threaten us. Lastly, who can forget the brand new carpeting in areas like the choir room, which is just plain nice. The school went through some stunning adjustments, and we can’t appreciate it enough.

In conclusion, we are very grateful for the improvements and renovations provided at Tippecanoe Middle School. We thank you for reading our letter and hope that you will take into consideration how much we students notice the changes in our school.

— Jack Wyant and Will Riehle

TMS Eighth graders

To the Editor:

Over the summer there have been many significant changes to our school. Many people took time and care to fix the heart of our school. This is important because it represents that our community cares about the students and the environment that they learn in. Last year, the sweltering heat was unbearable and it made learning conditions tough. A whole new air conditioning system was installed over the summer. With this change, our learning conditions greatly improved and we are able to direct our attention to our studies instead of the heat! Comparatively important is the new LED lighting. It makes work spaces brighter. It also saves energy and money. Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” This quote relates strongly to the improvements that have been completed and that are still in progress. All of the students are extremely grateful for the investments in our building. We are TIPP!

— Aly Schellhouse, Madison Featherstone and Ava Potts

TMS Eighth graders