Levy makes sense for Tipp’s students

To the Editor,

This November the voters of the Tipp City School district will have the opportunity to show their support of the schools by approving the renewal of a 2 mill permanent improvement levy. As you may well know, renewing a levy means NO NEW taxes! What is different about this levy is that with voter approval the levy becomes a “continuing” levy; the district’s voters have been renewing this levy for over 50 years.

Permanent Improvement means equipment/materials (buses, technology, etc.) that lasts at least five years can be purchased with these funds. Permanent Improvement can also include renovations and repairs to buildings.

I am a firm believer that Tipp City Schools provide a quality education to our children. Bob and I were raised in this community. We chose to raise our daughters here, primarily due to the education available to them. The old saying is “It takes a village to raise a child”; in Tipp City, it should be “It takes a community to educate a child.”

Vote “yes” on Issue 3!

— Jackie Wahl

Tipp City