Cordray will help state’s farmers

To the Editor:

It seems like nobody in Columbus or Washington is paying any attention to the crisis affecting Ohio farmers. Input prices keep going up, but output prices are way down. Offering one-time welfare payments is an insult that doesn’t help farmers over the long run. Many small farms are teetering toward bankruptcy, which will devastate our communities in rural Ohio. And Columbus is now laying down executive orders with no input from farmers. We need change. It’s time to wake them up and make our voices heard this November.

Rich Cordray is running for governor and I know he will give farmers a renewed voice and look out for us. Cordray helped farmers all over Ohio with the Ag-Link program when he was state treasurer. Cordray will make sure to bring farmers at the table to work out the clean water issues that are affecting our lakes and rivers. Cordray will be aggressive to stand with farmers and help preserve our markets, by advocating for us in DC and on trade missions to other countries who are our strategic partners. Cordray will see that agriculture remains our top industry in Ohio. And he believes in preserving our way of life. Join me in voting for Rich Cordray for governor on Nov. 6.

— Russ Wheeler

Chairman, Miami County Democratic Party