Adams Street lane decision was bad one

Letter to the Editor:

Ninety-nine percent of the time I could care less about what goes on with local government in Troy. I grew up in Miamisburg, have lived in Dayton, Sidney, Lima, and a few other stops along the way, and I think Troy is a nice place to live.

As long as Troy does not ask me to pay more taxes I pretty much just stick to state and national issues to concern myself with. Now though for the life of me I cannot understand how and why the decision was made to take out an entire lane on Adams Street near Troy Junior High and where I live to put in a bike path.

This is without a doubt the most insane decision I have ever seen made anywhere I have ever lived in my 56 years on this Earth. Why would Troy take one of the busiest streets right in the area where the most kids walk and get dropped off for school and increase the congestion, all for the sake of a bike path the really is not needed?

In case city officials don’t know, the marijuana issue was defeated, so whatever you all were smoking when this was decided is probably still illegal.

— Dale Kellis