Issue 1 bad for Miami County

To the Editor:

Issue 1 is bad for Miami County and Ohio. If passed this law will allow individuals struggling with addiction to continue using dangerous drugs without the fear of incarceration. Jail and prison are the last resort used by judges for drug addiction. A brief period of incarceration is often times imposed to get an addict “clean” in order to begin the recovery process.

Incarceration, or the threat of incarceration, is a useful tool in the recovery process. Taking away the option of jail will eliminate a judge’s discretion and simply place an addict immediately back on the streets to commit more crimes. Issue 1 also eliminates the ability to punish individuals that should be in jail. As a judge, I evaluate every drug case on an individual’s specialized needs and determine what will work for that particular person. Issue 1 will limit what a judge can do to help in the recovery process.

— Judge Samuel L. Huffman

Miami County Municipal Court