Continuing levy better in long term

To the Editor:

Tipp City Schools has a permanent improvement levy on the ballot Nov. 6. This levy funds improvements/expenses for the school district that last a minimum of five years. The community has approved this levy 10 times over the past 50 years.

The district has spent the revenue generated by this levy wisely ensuring maintenance and improvements to preserve the community’s investment in our facilities. Nothing will change in the future with regard to the need to continue to ensure the facilities are maintained for generations to come.

The school board and district administration are asking that this levy be approved as a continuing levy. As it is now, the permanent improvement levy expires every five years, and the voters must vote to renew it. Unfortunately, the things the district purchases with these funds also expire — buses need to be replaced, computers upgraded, roofs repaired, and parking lots resurfaced. And so, whether the levy is renewed or not, those items must be purchased, occasionally repaired, sometimes replaced in order for the school to function.

Making this levy a continuing levy allows the district to better plan for the long term. The administration can more wisely allocate and prioritize PI funds if they are certain to be there three, four or five years down the road. By making the levy continuing you are ensuring these funds (2 mill/$650,000 annually) are available to the district.

The community has shown continued support for this levy. Making this a continuing levy eliminates the need to be placed on the ballot and reduce voter fatigue. The board of education listens when voters ask why levies return to the ballot for renewal so often. Making this levy continuous recognizes that voter fatigue is REAL.

Every time a levy is placed on the ballot a campaign to pass the issue is organized and executed. These campaigns have a significant cost (signs, flyers and volunteers giving of their time) which are not trivial. The budget for this campaign will exceed $5,000, which is funded by donations from businesses and citizens. Making this a continuing levy eliminates this expense.

The need to maintain facilities will never go away. The school district already has other continuous levies in place for operating expenses. This continuing levy ensures funds will be anticipated and available for maintenance and improvements to our facilities for the foreseeable future. Please support the CONTINUOUS permanent improvement levy (Issue 3) on the ballot Nov. 6.

— Nancy and Gary Vanover

Tipp City