Bike lane decision a good one

To the Editor:

In the Thursday, Nov. 19th issue of the Troy Daily News, Editorial page, Your View a personal opinion was given based on little to no knowledge of the subject he discussed.

Troy, like Miamisburg, Dayton, Lima and Sidney is interested in the reduction of obesity within our younger generations. By striving to achieve the Bicycle Friendly Community and Safe Routes to School standards our school-age residents will be able to ride a bicycle to and from their destinations improving their health and safety. By facilitating these national programs in our community fewer parents will need to drive their students to school which will reduce the emission footprint and traffic flow around our schools.

The city of Troy and its elected officials are working hard to continue the improvement of the quality of life for our residents. We are fortunate to be on the bike trail that is the longest paved dedicated trail in the country. This Adams Street Bicycle access marking is the beginning of an overall master plan. We have the opportunity to make it safe to ride bicycles throughout the community. I suggest that anyone needing more information about these healthy, safety centric programs contact the city and learn how they may be a part of making these improvements happen.

— Jay Wackler