Give your pet extra love today

To the Editor:

Falling six days after Valentine’s Day, National Love Your Pet Day serves as a special reminder give your animal some extra attention. Studies show that adopting could be to your benefit: Pets help to maintain routine and provide a heightened sense of comfort.

Even if you don’t own a pet, there are things anyone can do to help a homeless cat or dog in a shelter. Surprisingly to many, shelters are not receiving much help from national animal groups. Despite similar names, there is no affiliation between the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and local humane societies, and the same is true of ASPCA and unaffiliated local SPCAs. Tax records show only around 1 percent of the money HSUS raises is given to local pet shelters.

If you want to help your local shelter, do it directly. Fostering is always a viable option. Volunteering your time at a local shelter is always appreciated as well. So remember to consider adopting a pet, donating to a local shelter, or just give your four-legged friend an extra scratch.


— Will Coggin

Managing Director

Center for Consumer Freedom