Bike lane fix not enough

To the Editor:

We learned Thursday, Feb. 21, that efforts are under way to partially remove the bike lane on Adams Street in Troy.

While I am pleased that there is headway in this regard, it is in no way a complete fix.

A complete fix would be the removal of the dedicated bike lane and full restoration of the traffic lanes to Adams St., with the understanding that they would be shared lanes, as they were for some 40 years before.

These are not just my own personal thoughts/wishes, but the thoughts/wishes of many in this community, especially those of us that live on the north side of Troy. After meeting with those in the biking community, the Adams Street bike lane does nothing to help them either.

I have championed the full removal of this bike lane, and will continue to do so as it has made traffic on Adams Street more difficult to maneuver for the traveling public, including our city school buses, law enforcement and emergency vehicles.

I have asked the city to find a way to relieve the congestion at the entrance to the junior/senior high, which I believe means the removal of the bike lane.

Our community will determine if this action will help with traffic congestion on Adams Street. If the partial removal of the bike lane does not, we must make sure that this last step is not the final step in solving this problem.

— Robin Oda

At-Large Troy City Council