Proposed plaza renovation looks great

To the Editor:

Just saw the display of the proposed renovation of the courthouse plaza and it looks great. Suggest that if you have time, it is worthwhile to see what the commissioners propose.

I may be mistaken, but there is a possibility that the public may be asked to register their approval/disapproval.

I made the suggestion that some of the stones from Lock 12 be made a part of the new plaza, and was informed that that was thought about, but none of the stones are available, as they all now belong to Kettering Health Network.

One would think that Kettering, being a newcomer to Troy and Miami County, that they would make some of the historic stones available for the plaza. After all, the courthouse, the canal and Lock 12 were here long before Kettering decided to be a part of Miami County.

If you have a few minutes to spare, and we are lucky enough to get a good weather day, go to the Miami County Safety Building to see the new design for the plaza. If you go, go in the west door to the Safety Building, and when entering, look up. Look at the “picture in stone” and see if you can tell what it depicts.

— James Roger O’Donnell, Attorney At Law