Event transformative for visitor

To the Editor:

Monday night I attended a meeting of PAC, the Piqua Association of Churches. During the roundtable portion of the meeting, I raised a question about analyzing the results of our city-wide revival efforts, in winning lost souls to Christ and to also consider a change in focus and attention upon a true revival mission for PAC and its Christian brothers and sisters.

I’ve raised these kinds of questions before and I am usually met with reluctant and resistive acceptance or in some cases faced outright contempt and attack. But apparently one of my gifts is the ability to endure patiently and with longsuffering the attitudes of tradition, stagnation and a “slow your roll” mentality.

Oh! But last night Deb Hogshead urged me to come to St. John’s United Church of Christ in Troy to prepare and set up for a presentation she arranged for me at her church and she then invited me to stay and sit in on the proceedings of their Economic Justice Committee. I was excited to learn what that was all about and I didn’t have to put into practice my gift(s) in patience and longsuffering. A small group of all white and all women, launched into their curricular readings on white privilege and we were off and running into a racial dialogue like I have never been exposed to before, even in congregations that had been described as black churches.

Wow! Talk about a conversion experience! The night was truly transformative! I’ll be back!

View more at: http://new.stjohnsucctroyohio.org/economic-justice-covenant/.

— Larry Hamilton