Robin Oda qualified for mayor’s job

To the Editor:

The City of Troy is one of the greatest places to live. With its multi places for recreation, the available places for work and shopping, quality housing and a great downtown district.

While I acknowledge all of the effort and the results that Mayor Beamish has accomplished during his tenure as mayor of the City of Troy, I say thank you, mayor.

The changing of the mayor position in the city offers the citizen of Troy an opportunity to look at leadership that doesn’t just replicate the previous leadership styles, but explores new styles of leadership.

Mayor Beamish explained in his letter to the editor why he thought that Mr. Kendall was the best choice for mayor. I think that Mayor Beamish’s support of Mr. Kendall is an understanding that he will continue with the same leadership style as currently exists.

Maybe not to the extent to million-dollar improvements to Treasure Island and the Boathouse or tents and fire pits on the river, but perhaps to some other questionable expenditures.

However, I want to propose that there is an equally qualified contender for mayor and that has been a supporter of the city but at the same time has questioned some of the operations that happen within the city. That person is Robin Oda.

Keep in mind that the City Service/Safety Director is hired at the direction of the mayor.

I would like to see Robin Oda be the next mayor of this great city and would encourage you to also support of Robin Oda.

— Bruce Davidson