Editorial leads court to make changes

To the Editor:

Several months ago, an article appeared in the Troy Daily News authored by Dr. Donald C. Hubin. The premise of Dr. Hubin’s article was that the Miami County Common Pleas Court’s Standard Order for Non-Custodial Visitation is outdated and essentially unfair.

Upon review of Dr. Hubin’s letter, I requested that our local Family Law Committee complete a review of the Standard Orders of Visitation to determine whether changes were warranted or necessary. My purpose in commissioning this review was to ensure that our local courts provided the most effective, efficient and fair process for parents divorcing with children. In other words, it is my responsibility as the Administrative Judge to enact cutting-edge policies and rules for our courts that make the Miami County courts a model for other Ohio courts to follow.

I am pleased to report that following the Family Law Committee’s exhaustive review of the Court’s parenting time schedules, the Miami County Common Pleas Court has adopted revised schedules which reflect the ever-changing needs of parents and children in our community.

Special thanks goes to Judges Scott Altenburger and Stacy Wall, Magistrates Katherine Severt, Rebecca Hall, Gretchen Beers, and Christopher Gee, as well as Chairman of the Miami County Family Law Committeee, Todd Severt and other committee members, for their tireless work in modernizing our Court’s parenting time schedules.

Rest assured that the Miami County Judiciary is committed to excellence and fairness and these recent changes reflect our collective commitment to a forward thinking, dynamic Court.

Sincerely yours,

— Jeannine N. Pratt

Administrative Judge

Miami County Common Pleas Court