Support Tom Kendall for Mayor

Troy is in great shape. We are financially stable. We have a good economic forecast. Our quality of life is excellent. Our community is full of good people who are doing good things for their community. Though we can not assume the status quo. It only takes a business to close or relocate. For a block of businesses to become vacant. Things can quickly change. We need to be ready. We need a plan. We need vision. Tom Kendall has those plans, those visions.

We need experience, commitment and a plan. The plan is essential and the experience to implement those plans is a must. Our future Mayor must manage a multitude of economic decisions, procedural decisions, administrative decisions and be a listening voice for the people.

Tom Kedall possesses the qualities. Tom is a committed Trojan first. A valued 13 year member of city council. He has served six years as President Pro-tem of city council. He has chaired the finance committee for eight years. Tom has also been involved in several other activities including: Troy Riverfest, Strawberry Festival Chairman, founding member of Ohio’s Great Corridor and a founding member of Be The Match Buckeye Donut Dash and National Ambassador for Be The Match. I believe you can see Tom cares for his city. He lives his commitment.

Tom’s work experience has provided him valuable guides in local, national and international business practices. Tom understands and has lived jobs education, jobs development, jobs retention and relocation. He has been involved in programs of planning and development. Most of all, Tom understands when one is entrusted with responsibility, one must come through.

We live in a great city. Many people wish they have what we have. Let us support experience, commitment and the vision of a plan. People helping people. Support Tom Kendall for Mayor of Troy.

John Terwilliger