Vote Kendall for mayor

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to provide and endorsement for Mr. Tom Kendall, who is currently, running for the office of mayor in Troy. I started working for Mr. Kendall, who was the CEO/president of Sirio Panel, Inc. in Troy. As the chief technical officer, we worked closely to open the office in Troy and then to build and grow the business.

I worked with Mr. Kendall until his retirement, which was approximately five years. During that time, he showed consistent vision in our stated goals and spent time to develop key relationships within the industry. When he retired, he helped me continue these relationships and are still strong today.

Mr. Kendall has shown leadership by example and he was not afraid to present unpopular subjects or to present criticism to the Italian parent company when he felt the decisions were wrong. However, when there was disagreement between parties, there was always respect and honest feedback. Working with colleagues from a different culture and time zone can produce misunderstandings, and Mr. Kendall showed patience and professionalism to resolve any conflict.

Throughout the time when he was not working for Sirio Panel, Mr. Kendall’s focus was on family and Troy. To be honest, I feel that family and Troy are the same for him. Troy is just extended family.

Based on my time working for Mr. Tom Kendall, I believe that he would be the best choice for the next mayor of Troy.

— John Lundberg