Reader wants White House oversight

To the Editor:

We are living in worrisome times. The seemingly continuous series of mostly unprecedented, jarring events and revelations have caused many people I know to simply become overwhelmed to the point of apathy, numbed into submission and acceptance of behavior and situations by the sheer volume of those aberrations of normalcy. There is never sufficient time to analyze or respond appropriately before the arrival of the next potential crisis. Maybe that is by design.

In any case, there is something disturbing that we ignore at our peril. The system of checks and balances built into our government by the founders that we have always relied upon to protect our democracy are based on the predicate of a respect for the rule of law by all parties involved. The founders anticipated the potential of a would-be tyrant occupying the White House, creating co-equal branches of government. What they didn’t foresee was a whole political party abandoning long held beliefs and traditions in service of that apprentice autocrat, protecting and enabling behavior that had never been tolerated previously. That party made no attempt to provide oversight of questionable behavior in the executive branch for two years, which may well have contributed to their loss of the House in the midterms.

The new majority is attempting to restore that oversight, but is being obstructed at every turn by the administration, while all but a tiny handful of the executive’s party aggressively attack those trying to provide oversight, or are complicit by their silence. If the House is prevented from doing their oversight duties, we no longer have co-equal branches of government, and slide towards the potential of an autocracy. We should not be so foolish as to presume it could “never happen here.”

Doug Smith