Congress should reveal tax returns, too

To the Editor:

To the Congress of the United States of America: “We the People …” are growing rather tired of your enteral and infernal bickering, backbiting and “trying to be one-upmanship (sorry do not know how to word it without the masculine gender) ship” and doing nothing for we taxpayers except collecting your taxpayer supplied salary (however maybe that is really a blessing in disguise). As I understand from some of the news reports, you pass the lengthy and non-understandable legislation “just pass it now, we will read it later.”

Now you ( at least some) want the President to produce his tax return. Novel idea! If the president has to do this then every member of Congress has to do the same. I wonder what that would reveal about your additional income besides your salary paid by “We the People.”

— James Roger O’Donnell, Attorney at law