Donald Trump is dangerous

To the Editor:

Donald Trump is the most dangerous person in the U.S.

He makes it appear that Americans are not united against the evil organization ISIS and other terrorist groups. He make it easier for them to recruit and radicalize terrorist in foreign countries and in the U.S.

His proclamations are used in their propaganda.

Trumps dangerous plans, most of which are impossible to implement:

• Build a wall along our entire southern border to keep out Latinos.

• Send back 11 million Latinos who are in the U.S. illegally.

• Not allow Muslims to enter the U.S.

• Muslims. How would they be identified?

• Would the next step be internment camps?

Trump is a clever liar. When confronted with facts he seldom backs down. He is a bigot and a racist, being against all people of color, Hispanics and Muslims. Trump demeans women.

Putin says Trump is a flamboyant brilliant outstanding man and an unquestionably talented American leader. Trump says Putin is highly respected and there is no evidence that Putin is a criminal.

Putin continues to have vigorous opponents eliminated as he did during the KGB. Trump says Putin is a reasonable man who he could make good deals with, because “I am a good deal maker.” Putin would deal Trump out of his eye teeth!

President Obama and many others, including some Republicans, say Donald Trump’s irresponsible proclamations weaken our position with Russia, our potential enemies and even our allies.

— Albert A. Gabel

Professor Emeritus

Ohio State University