Policy of silence not working

To the Editor:

Why does Congressman Davidson continue his policy of silence as President Trump launches racist attacks on his fellow Congress members, hurls childish insults at those he disagrees with, lies repeatedly, and shows hostility to struggling immigrants. Does he really believe the faith he and many of us embrace, teaches that silence, in the face of such behaviors is how Christians are supposed to act? Or is political and moral cowardice to blame?

This lack of involvement is not only disappointing, but offensive to me as a constituent. To remain quiet, according to Martin Luther King, can be construed as complicity. Our Congressional representative and those who support this president no matter what, including Evangelicals, knew what they were getting, so I guess there should be little surprise. It is hard to imagine, though, how these reticent parties can keep their credibility from eroding.

History is not usually kind to those who act cowardly when they could do otherwise.

— Larry Brown

Tipp City