Roundabout is solution to traffic issue

To the Editor:

Since the end of May, the residents of the Luxury Apartments on the corner of Dorset and McKaig roads have watched with enthusiasm the transformation of our little corner of town.

Those of us who have lived in the apartments for years have witnessed the increased traffic noise, the confusion on the faces of drivers as they try to determine who is to go first from the four-way stop into the intersection, and the number of accidents that have happened as a result of this confusion. As some may know, Mayor Pete lived among us in these apartments and was very concerned about the intersection as he sat on his balcony. So, we want to thank Mayor Beamish and the city officials for planning and executing the McKaig Road Improvements Project, which includes a roundabout that will hopefully provide us all with the solution to a much discussed traffic problem.

When the project began at the end of May, I felt compelled to capture the transformation with pictures. As I met people who had questions about the necessity of the project, I would tell them of its importance and show them the pictures of how it was beginning to take shape. People tend not to understand or think positively until given something tangible. I also tell them that until they live at this corner, they can’t see how the roundabout is going to benefit so many. Time will hopefully remedy those with negative comments, but we all know you can’t please all the people all the time. I will be giving these pictures to Mr. Teaford, the engineering technician who has been on site many times overseeing the progress.

I have also written a letter to the Finfrock Company for the excellent execution of the roundabout and the workers they have employed who worked with great effort and precision even through some of the hottest days and downpours. We in the apartment building remarked daily about the work ethic of the men and the pride they took in doing their work. They started most mornings around 6:30 a.m. and finished their days around 5 p.m. Never did we see men standing around doing nothing.

It was indeed praise worthy!

— Darla York