Cemetery needs upkeep

To the Editor:

I think Mr. Titterington, council, the mayor and other city fathers should be sent to school for proper maintenance to have an outstanding Troy cemetery.

At this time it lacks proper funding, proper staffing, and the special honor the people resting there deserve. These are the people that made and built Troy. If not for these people, council, mayor, Mr. Titterington and others would not have a job. Starting with my family (born and raised here) I know lots of those interned at Riverside including World War II GI’s that died in combat. They deserve better.

We have lots of money for old Treasure Island that floods every year and money for Hobart Arena that won’t be regained. Tile on the cemetery mausoleum is falling off and needs repair now. Trees need to be trimmed. Headstones are not trimmed around properly during the season and are chipped by unskilled mowers going too fast. I could go on, but if the obvious isn’t being taken care of who will look for the other deficiencies.

Troy over all needs street repair, sidewalk, curb and gutter and the list goes on and on. We have money for frills, but not necessities. Let’s hire another concession manager for Hobart Arena for around $50,000-plus.

— Nelson Frantz