Reader concerned about modification to weapons law

To the Editor:

Domestic violence in Ohio for July is one of the worst months of the year.

July figures for gun violence incidents in Ohio include 267 incidents, 56 killed, 160 injuries, 12 domestic violence incidents that resulted in nine deaths, and assault weapons used in four incidents that resulted in two injuries. Total assault weapons for the year, 22 incidents, three killed, and two injured, excluding the Dayton Aug. 4 shooting. These figures can be verified at

I have been sending monthly gun violence figures to the governor and a few selected representatives on the House Federalism Committee since April without reply from anymore.

Ohioans should be concerned because the governor will sign off on HB178. This would allow anyone over 21 not prohibited by law to carry a hidden, loaded weapon (excluding assault weapons) in public without a license, training, background check, or oversight. This bill would also allow persons to carry without permit that are charged with pending felonies and violence-related crimes and persons convicted of some assaults, drug offenses, resisting arrest, and even a misdemeanor assault on a police officer. It’s amazing how our state politicians are able to put forward these senseless gun laws without the knowledge of Ohio constituents they represent. Not sure the governor has signed this bill yet, but would suggest a call or email to his office might change his mind, especially after the mass shooting in Dayton.

George Riegle