Trust the facts and educate yourself

To the Editor:

In regards to the letter printed in the Miami Valley Today on Aug. 21.

The content of this letter again proves how “cherry picking” facts to justify your beliefs is possible. The website and information is supported by anti-gun sites and organizations. There is nothing but bias in the information and statistics provided. HB174 can be found on the Ohio Attorney General’s website. You can read the bill word for word.

I went to a no-bias website to find the following facts. This information was provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Fact. Knives are involved in more homicides than rifles — 1,604 deaths to 374 homicides using a long gun.

Fact. Personal weapons, which include hands, feet and first, accounted for 656 deaths.

Fact. Blunt objects, including hammers, clubs and chairs, accounted for 472 murders.

Isn’t it time for individuals to start educating themselves about the truth when it comes to firearms and the right of the law-abiding individuals? Want-a-be politicians, special interest groups, the news media, and far left individuals all push their agenda and stats to impose their idea of a perfect world.

Educate yourself. Learn the unbiased facts. Then make your own decisions. Remember, there are three kinds of lies. The big whopper lies, little white lies and statistics.

— Gary L. Cooper