Unbiased facts are clear

To the Editor:

This is a reply to Gary Cooper on “Learn the unbiased facts,” a Your View in the Miami Valley Today on Aug. 27.

If Gary ready my article a little closer, I was referring to HB 178 not 174. These are two different House bills with a lot of difference. HB 178 made it out if the Ohio House Federalism Committee and I assume it will go to the floor for a vote. Please read HB 178.

The facts I obtain on gun violence in our state came from gunviolencearchive.org and I invite all readers to take a look at this site. The site will provide the incident, location, participants, characteristics, guns involved, info sources, congressional, state senate and House district. The site will even provide newspaper articles when available.

I don’t understand the comparison of knives, hands, feet and blunt instruments killing the gun deaths. I know the person that killed nine people in Dayton had an assault rifle that had the capability of unloading 200 rounds and it it wasn’t for six heroic Dayton police officers, many more would have died. I also know in El Paso, Texas, 22 people were killed with an assault weapon. I doubt a knife, fist or blunt instrument would have killed that many people in such a short time Gary, there are the unbiased facts.

— George Riegle