Helpful people may have saved brother

To the Editor:

My name is Harry Selsor. I grew up in Shelby and Miami counties, graduated from Houston in 1971. Parents were from Piqua.

My brother, a locale Lowes of Troy employee suffered a heart attack while at work this past Saturday, Sept. 14. His boss found him unconscious laying on the floor. He and an unknown customer began CPR on my unresponsive brother, William Edward Selsor “Billy” of Troy. Billy will be 68 this November. When paramedics arrived they said the Good Samaritan’s efforts probably saved his life. My brother was planning to drive to North Carolina on Monday, Sept. 16 to see me in my new home there. My wife Shirley of 40 years and I recently moved from Jacksonville, Fla., to our new home in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Marion, N.C. We were anxiously awaiting the visit of my brother. On Sunday, I got notification Billy had suffered a heart attack.

I got to talk to him this morning. It was so good to hear his voice.

I don’t know who the unknown person was that helped save his life, but I am eternally grateful for the quick action of his boss and this unknown angel. I am flying in to see him. I last saw him at Thanksgiving last year when his dear wife Yvonne Selsor passed away suddenly. I am thankful to be coming to see him rather than attend another family funeral.

Praise God for his mercy. Would love to shake the hand of that unknown angel and Billy’s boss to thank them in person.

— Harry D Selsor CDR USNR (Ret)

Marion, N.C.