Reader encourages ‘no’ vote on fire levy

To the Editor:

Residents of Pleasant Hill and Newton Township, vote no on the Joint Fire District Ballot Nov. 5.

Residents, join us Nov. 5, 2019 with a no vote for the proposed $2.5 million five star lodging facility for the three suppose to be volunteer EMT’S in our community. Since our fire department and our EMT squad inception in to our community, we have always been a volunteer fire department and EMT Squad. The current facility my resident friends is sufficient. If volunteers are needed, our fire department chief must advertise and do the necessary research required to obtain needed volunteers. Might I suggest to the fire chief to enroll in a marketing class and learn the fundamentals of advertising. Upon completion, our fire chief would learn how to obtain the needed volunteers he so desires. Village residents, what our current village does need is a paid, full-time local police force to curtail the illicit drug activity and residential theft in our fair village of Pleasant Hill and Newton Township; not a 2.5 million dollar first floor penthouse for three supposedly EMT volunteers. Vote no on the upcoming Joint Fire District Ballot Nov. 5, 2019. Thank you.

A concerned and may I add a volunteer elderly citizen,

Mark Bradley

Veteran USAF