Reader encourages Duke Park Improvements Levy support

To the Editor:

Behind Troy Junior Baseball is a small group of unpaid, extremely dedicated volunteers who meet and work year-round in order to make a roughly 10 weeks season happen for the children of Troy and central Miami County. Among our responsibilities are: evolve the rules to insure the safety of the boys and girls in our program, prep the fields, order equipment and uniforms, schedule games, schedule and pay our youth umpires, solicit volunteers to coach teams, clean and remodel restrooms, dump garbage, and contract services for the operation of our complex.

This is just a portion of what we do, but each year we can count on at least one flood to add to our work load. We accept that and do our best to make sure our season is successful. With the assistance of a few key sponsors and parents in the last two years, we have made progress in helping facilitate quicker draining of flood water necessary to resume/start play. However, flooding is a function of the Knoop Complex’s location, it is a designated floodplain. Our tight budget provides few resources that would allow for addressing issues we can identify a solution for, it is clear our best chance to significantly improve the fields on which TJB plays its games in the foreseeable future is the passage of Issue 26, “Duke Park Improvements Levy.” The board endorses this measure. It will provide five lighted fields plus two T-ball fields at a higher elevation farther from the river. If you are a resident of Troy, we ask that you get out and vote on Nov. 5. Do it for your child, your grandchild, your niece or nephew, do it for the children of Troy. If you want details about this levy, please visit

Steve Mascarella

President, Troy Junior Baseball