Letter: Divided country is no mystery

To the Editor:

Anyone paying attention realizes the country is more divided today than anytime in recent memory. It’s no mystery to me. Simply put, decent people cannot understand how otherwise decent people can support such an indecent President.

This President has shown himself to be: a compulsive liar, author of childish insults, arrogant yet insecure, intellectually ignorant, without a moral compass, and someone way in over his head. Unfortunately for him and the country, his fellow Republicans, including Congressman Davidson, have allowed themselves to be bullied into silence.

I seriously doubt we would be undergoing an impeachment process if Republicans had possessed the moral courage to stand up to the President when he was clearly wrong. Their failure gave President Trump the greenlight to engage in the behavior that got him into this mess. He has known he could count on Republicans to back him, regardless. It seems clearer everyday that his statement “He could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it” was more fact than hyperbole.

It is really a shame that any future edition of ”Profiles in Courage” is sure to be a much thinner volume, since it will lack the names of most contemporary Republicans.

Larry Brown

Tipp City